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Below is a list of WCC press releases, updates and features issued in 2001 in reverse chronological order. Just click on the item you want to read. Most of these items were also distributed en français auf Deutsch and en español. You might be interested in the press releases issued during 2000. Please contact Karin Achtelstetter, Media Relations Officer, for further information.

2001 WCC press releases, updates and features

21.12.01 Update: Violence is not grounded on religious texts. Seminar on Christian-Muslim dialogue makes suggestions for future agenda
21.12.01 Update: "Christians and Muslims together - a charter for a dialogue of life and common action" adopted by Arab Christian-Muslim Working Group
21.12.01 Release: World Council of Churches deeply concerned about the wave of violence in Haiti
20.12.01 Release: Prayers and messages for peace in the Middle East: WCC provides resource pack for 2002 campaign
13.12.01 Release: Christians and Muslims look at impact of September 11 on dialogue
11.12.01 Update: WCC alerts UNHCHR to increasing sectarian violence in Indonesia
10.12.01 Release: WCC Special Fund to Combat Racism grants
05.12.01 Update: WCC calls on Israel to observe its responsibilities under Fourth Geneva Convention
04.12.01 Update: Security and symbolism: ecumenical group grapples with consequences of September 11 attacks
28.11.01 Update: "Tell them to talk freely about this disease" say church representatives at HIV/AIDS consultation in Africa
28.11.01 Release: WCC meeting to analyze consequences of September 11
23.11.01 Release: World Council of Churches' unique consultation on HIV/AIDS in Africa
21.11.01 Update: Special Commission on Orthodox participation in the WCC: Consensus on consensus as appropriate decision-making method for the Council
20.11.01 Release: Christmas Message 2001: Rev. Dr Konrad Raiser, general secretary of the World Council of Churches
16.11.01 Update: WCC "Living Letters" team listens to US stories and encourages US churches to listen too
16.11.01 Release: World Council of Churches greets world-wide Muslim community at beginning of Ramadan
09.11.01 Feature: We hold the earth in trust for our children. WCC inter-religious colloquium at the climate summit in Marrakesh: an exchange of views between Islam and Christianity on the subject of climate change
09.11.01 Update: WCC delegation at Marrakesh. Climate change negotiations: No solidarity for people and nature
07.11.01 Release: Gesture of compassion following attacks on US: International ecumenical delegation to be "Living Letter"to US churches
29.10.01 Update: WCC deeply concerned about the safety and security of the Christian minority in Pakistan
29.10.01 Release: Ecumenical monitoring programme: working towards peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
26.10.01 Release: United Nations Climate Conference in Marrakesh: World Council of Churches delegation plans a Christian-Muslim colloquium on religion and environment
24.10.01 Feature: International Conference on Financing for Development in 2002: Ecumenical team gives priority to "transformation of the international financial system"
16.10.01 Release: President of Germany, Dr Johannes Rau, to visit the World Council of Churches
08.10.01 Update: WCC urges the United States of America and the United Kingdom to bring a prompt end to military action against Afghanistan
05.10.01 Release: Ecumenical organizations join forces to lift up churches' voices in response to current global events
04.10.01 Release: DOV festival in Tanzania takes up challenges after 11 September attacks
02.10.01 De Última Hora: CMI y representantes de las iglesias de Colombia preparan documento
para una futura cooperacíon ecuménica
02.10.01 Update: The answer to terrorism should not lead to more violence and terror: WCC general secretary writes to UN secretary-general
01.10.01 Release: Harry de Lange (1919-2001)
21.09.01 Feature: Refugee women talk
21.09.01 Update: WCC pastoral letter to US churches urges discernment in response to attacks
20.09.01 Feature: Church of Christ in the Congo targets new ministry to uprooted people
19.09.01 Feature: Uprooted people tell tales of suffering and hope
18.09.01 Feature: The church and the stranger: uprooted people in the Democratic Republic of Congo
14.09.01 Release: Executive Committee reaffirms WCC policy on the pursuit of a just peace in the Middle East
14.09.01 Release: WCC Executive Committee concerned about deteriorating economic and social situation in Zimbabwe
11.09.01 Release: Message to the churches and people of the United States of America
11.09.01 Release: Christians and churches called to reconciliation and healing: Commission on World Mission and Evangelism starts preparations for world mission conference in 2005
08.09.01 Update: WCAR: another chance to start again
07.09.01 Update: Statement by the World Council of Churches delegation at the UN World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, Durban, South Africa
04.09.01 Update: Archbishop Tutu to deliver Ecumenical Caucus statement at World Conference Against Racism
03.09.01 Update: From the panel to the writing desk: The World Conference Against Racism: no longer a matter of lively and direct encounter but of polishing sentences and paragraphs
31.08.01 Update: "We are making history": WCC delegation at the United Nations World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance
30.08.01 Feature: Cikle and Fatmir: living inter-ethnic cooperation in Macedonia
30.08.01 Release: Australian treatment of asylum seekers "deeply troubling" says WCC
27.08.01 Release: "Racism no more" is motto of ecumenical delegation at World Conference against Racism
24.08.01 Update: Thabo Mbeki asks churches to promote conflict resolution in Southern Africa
16.08.01 Update: Call to churches: Resist economic globalization!
16.08.01 Feature: Good news to the poor?
13.08.01 Release: WCC general secretary to visit Southern Africa.
09.08.01 Release: Economic globalization consultation: Another world is possible!
08.08.01 Update: Consultation on Israeli-Palestinian conflict decides on coordinated ecumenical action
06.08.01 Release: What would it mean for the world if there were no Christian Palestinians left in the Holy Land?
30.07.01 Feature: "Honour Kyoto!" watchword for WCC delegation at climate change conference
24.07.01 Release: Stanley Jedidiah Samartha (1920-2001)
24.07.01 Update: Disappointed at small arms agreement, WCC also sees hope for a stronger platform for common action
16.07.01 Update: Oral Intervention on reduction of demand for small arms and the role of faith communities
16.07.01 Release: WCC delegation at the climate conference in Bonn : the Kyoto Protocol must be kept alive
13.07.01 Release: "Peace to the City" dancing in the United States
13.07.01 Release: WCC shares churches' hopes for success of India-Pakistan summit
11.07.01 Release: WCC general secretary Konrad Raiser visits Albania
06.07.01 Release: Churches use story, symbol and dance to protest the use of and trade in small arms
29.06.01 Update: Majority excluded from global decision-making: Ecumenical consultation on economic globalization in central and eastern Europe
28.06.01 Update: After UN special session on HIV/AIDS, religious communities need to mobilize their own constituencies for more effective action
26.06.01 Update: Broad support for WCC-facilitated interfaith statement during UN General Assembly on HIV/AIDS
25.06.01 Release: WCC Delegation to visit Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories
25.06.01 Update: Eastern Europe: "A piece of the continent"
25.06.01 Update: Inter-faith statement calls for increased partnership between faith-based organizations, governments and inter-governmental organizations
22.06.01 Release: Maria Teresa Porcile Santiso - 1943-2001
20.06.01 Release: Visit to the Russian Orthodox Church by an ecumenical delegation
19.06.01 Release: WCC urges UN organizations to involve churches and faith-based organizations more closely in the fight against HIV/AIDS
18.06.01 Release: Churches worldwide are preparing to challenge economic globalization - Major consultations in Hungary and Fiji
15.06.01 Release: Bush climate change proposals inadequate, says WCC
13.06.01 Release: "Peace is too important to be left only to the politicians..." Round table meeting with the religious communities of the FYR of Macedonia at Morges, Switzerland
5.06.01 Feature: Sri Lanka's people long for peace
1.06.01 Update: WCC delegation critical of slow progress and NGO shut-out from preparations for UN World Conference Against Racism
31.05.01 Update: WCC delegation joins NGO protest against exclusion of Dalits from UN World Conference on Racism
31.05.01 Update: Ecumenical team concerned about lack of provisions for proposed Global Fund for AIDS: Church representatives at second preparatory meeting of UN's special session HIV/AIDS
30.05.01 Update: Asia-Pacific conference presents action plan to combat racism: church representatives prepare for UN World Conference
29.05.01 Feature: Robinson's Village: How life is returning to an Armenian village
23.05.01 Feature: "Interreligious dialogue is not an ambulance": A discussion on religious tolerance, conflict and peace-building
18.05.01 Release: Message of the presidents of the WCC at Pentecost 2001
18.05.01 Update: North Americans in WCC prepare for UN World Conference against Racism
14.05.01 Feature: "The strength of the Armenian Church lies in its very real ties with the people": 1700 years since Christianity was proclaimed as Armenia's state religion
07.05.01 Release: Decade to Overcome Violence: Churches bring own perspectives to national and regional launches
03.05.01 Feature: Challenge for change in Polynesia
18.04.01 Feature: Churches called to repentance and confession
17.04.01 Update: WCC calls on European Union to support Human Rights Commission resolution on violation of human rights in Palestine
09.04.01 Feature: Praying and working together for unity: Reflections on pursuing a common date for Easter
06.04.01 Update: Oral intervention on the protection of freedom of opinion and expression in Guatemala
03.04.01 Update: Tahitian churches denounce family violence and destruction of environment, WCC delegation in French Polynesia
02.04.01 Update: Oral intervention on the violation of human rights and funadamental freedom in West Papua/Irian Jaya, Indonesia, and in Cyprus
30.03.01 Update: WCC encourages countries to continue working towards the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol despite its rejection by the Bush administration
29.03.01 Update: Modern social customs a challenge for the church, WCC delegation visits Cook Islands/Rarotonga
28.03.01 Update: Oral intervention on the question of the violation of human rights in the occupied Arab territories, including Palestine
27.03.01 Update: WCC fellowship the place to deal with the challenges of change, WCC general secretary tells church leaders in Samoa and American Samoa
27.03.01 Update: Devastating human costs of small arms and light weapons, WCC team at UN small arms prepcom
19.03.01 Update: Rising hopes for peace in Sri Lanka, WCC general secretary on pastoral visit
19.03.01 Release: WCC general secretary to visit Samoa, American Samoa, Cook Islands and French Polynesia
16.03.01 Release: UN Commission on Human Rights - WCC to focus on globalisation and religious freedom
13.03.01 Release: Northeast Asian consultation redefines "national security"
12.03.01 Update: WCC general secretary and the president of Bangladesh discuss minority rights, religious fundamentalism and development
08.03.01 Release: WCC general secretary to visit Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
06.03.01 Release: Ecumenical team calls for "radical rethinking" of the ways churches and faith communities respond to HIV/AIDS
04.03.01 Release: WCC welcomes new president of Pontifical Council, honours retiring Cardinal Cassidy
26.02.01 Feature: Churches prepare for UN Conference on Illicit Trade in Small Arms
21.02.01 Feature: The Protestant Church in China: "We have not passed this way before"
14.02.01 Release: First visit to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by a WCC/CEC delegation since the political changes
29.01-06.02.01 Central Committee 2001 press releases
24.01.01 Release: International launch of the Decade to Overcome Violence: Christians around the world will join in the official celebrations in Berlin
19.01.01 Release: Twelve years on, the WCC returns to Germany : Central Committee of the World Council of Churches in Potsdam and Berlin
15.01.01 Update: World Council of Churches calls on Pakistan government to release Blasphemy Law protestors

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