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No. 89 in the Risk Book Series

Eco-justice values with a firm religious grip... set as a compelling alternative to the kind of living that got us in trouble in the first place.
Larry Rasmussen
Union Theological Seminary, New York

Contemporary threats to the earth and the human family arise in large measure from the acceptance by many people of consumerism, economic globalization and violence as the main values by which to live. In the face of the potent destructive forces unleashed by such life-styles, this book argues that respecting the earth and building sustainable community call us to live out such spiritual values as gratitude, humility, sufficiency, justice, peace, love, faith and hope. After an exposition of how each of these values motivates active engagement for earth community in Christian and other faith traditions, the author presents a case study of how individuals and groups are seeking to put that value into practice.
A wonderful blend of data, stories and throughful reflection...
Lilian Perigoe, United Church of Canada, Toronto

David G. Hallman is programme officer for energy and environment for the United Church of Canada and has served the World Council of Churches as programme coordinator for climate change. He is the editor of Ecotheology: Voices from South and North (WCC and Orbis, 1994).

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