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The Peace to the City Network grew out of a campaign of the same name that began in August 1997 and culminated in December 1998. The network was active until 2002; its members - churches, peace and justice organizations, faith communities and civil society movements - continue to work within the framework of the Decade to Overcome Violence (2001-2010).

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By Jacob TAMBE -- 09/07/2001
For ICCnetAfrica News

An international network to highlight grassroots efforts towards the building of a peaceful society, known as 'peace to the city' is being launched in Yaounde this week by the Ecumenical Service for Peace (SeP).

Initiated by the Geneva - (Switzerland) based World Council of Churches within a programme known as 'Overcome Violence', the network's launch in Cameroon is being done through a workshop and a colloquium.

The workshop, on peacebuilding for rural and community radio journalists and local language broadcasters holds at the Norbert Kenne Memorial Peace House, SeP's headquarters in Yaounde from July 9 - 11. A press release from SeP says the workshop is aimed at building the capacity of these broadcasters in effectively handling conflict issues thereby contributing to defusing tension and preventing the escalation of conflicts into violence.'

Coming after the complete liberalisation of Cameroon's audio visual media that opened the sector to adventurers and amateurs, the release notes that 'the workshop will therefore help practitioners sharpen their understanding of some basic concepts in peace building, share experiences on how journalists have fuelled as well as prevented the degeneration of conflicts.'

Meanwhile the colloquium that ends the launch holds on July 11 and 12 and focuses on the theme 'Peace to the City.'

The Yaounde launch will be followed by those in other towns all over the national territory, SeP notes.

SeP's launch of the Peace for City Network makes it the third African partner in the network. The launch falls under SeP's activities executed under its Democratic Peace building programme with the goal of contributing to the non-violent social transformation of the Cameroonian society.

Founded in 1995, SeP works for the peaceful transformation of the Cameroonian society.

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