International Affairs, Peace & Human Security

WCC advocacy reports & press features on Jerusalem and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

WCC general secretary urges EU ministers to take leading role in seeking a just and sustainable peace in the Middle East (12 April 2002)

Preliminary report on WCC deputy general secretary's visit to Jerusalem (8 April 2002)

Church offers to mediate Israeli-Palestinian conflict are being ignored. WCC delegation returns from Jerusalem (5 April 2002)

Expression of worldwide ecumenical solidarity: WCC delegation to meet with patriarchs and heads of churches and Christian communities (2 April 2002)

58th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights: WCC calls for international monitors in occupied Arab territories including Palestine (March 26, 2002)

Press update: Ecumenical efforts towards peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (11 February 2002)

Press release: Ecumenical solidarity and action promised in Palestinian-Israeli conflict (11 February 2002)

WCC calls on Israel to observe its responsibilities under Fourth Geneva Convention

Ecumenical monitoring programme: working towards peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (29.10.01)

WCC sends Christmas message to Jerusalem churches: "Our shared goal is peace built on the foundations of justice" (13.12.2000)

WCC report on the Fifth Special Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights, 17-19 October 2000, Geneva

Palestinian ecumenical delegation calls for action and prayer. (20.10.00)

WCC encourages objective investigation of Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people. (17.10.00)

WCC supports Kofi Annan's intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (10.10.00)

WCC Executive Committee notes concern for Jerusalem. (02.10.00)

Jerusalem: Who has access to God? by Sara Speicher. (12.09.00)

Palestinian researcher presents studies on the geopolitical situation in Israel and Palestine. (05.09.00)


International Affairs, Peace & Human Security ADVOCACY UPDATE: Middle East Peace Process and the Status of Jerusalem, October - November, 1999

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